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Legislation, guidelines, agreements and rules must be observed. This is especially true for CASHEW NUTS AFRICA in light of its status as a federal enterprise. Compliance with the regulatory framework underpins CASHEW NUTS AFRICA work and its credibility, and calls for a corporate culture geared to compliance. Our compliance management system ensures that we act according to our guiding principles and demonstrate integrity in managing the funds entrusted to us. We take measures to prevent or resolve breaches of our rules. Moreover, the compliance management system continuously monitors the effectiveness of our rules and guiding principles. If a process no longer meets requirements, it is overhauled and staff are informed of any changes.

CASHEW NUTS AFRICA is all about values – specifically, the principles upheld in our society, including compliance with contracts and statute, equal rights, loyalty, cooperation in partnership, and the prohibition of sexual harassment. Integrity in all we do is the bedrock of our day-to-day work. This includes a professional approach to possible conflicts of interest. That is why all CASHEW NUTS AFRICA employees are bound by our Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy and are required to involve one of the company’s integrity advisors if these have been breached or inform their manager of any possible conflicts of interest.

The Competitive Cashew Initiative (ComCashew) supports producers in the five producer countries – Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d‘Ivoire, Ghana and Mozambique – and enables them to earn a stable income. Launched in 2009, the initiative brings together more than 100 public and private partners, including the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), national governments and private international companies such as Kraft Heinz Foods, Intersnack and Olam. The initiative’s partners also include research institutes, who exchange experience across country borders and focus on developing and providing high-quality planting material.

Innovation award

The initiative also promotes digital technology. In West Ghana, SAP software designed to make the value chain more transparent and efficient is being tested. Stocks can be managed using an app and shipments planned. Furthermore, each of the farmers’ deliveries is scanned in using a smart phone and the weight is stored. This was previously only possible by hand.

In 2016, the Competitive Cashew Initiative received an innovation award from the OECD Development Assistance Committee for its concept and measurable successes. The jury praised the initiative’s problem-solving and innovative approach, which has contributed to a significant increase in the incomes of producers. In all, ComCashew and its partners in the fields of production, processing and trade, have generated additional income totalling more than EUR 480 million.