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cashew Nuts Agent

Cashew nut processing and production factory , we also do deliver and sale cashew nuts at A large scale. The annual “money-harvesting” season is in full swing . For the fortunate cashew nut farmers in the central and northern parts of the country, February through June is harvest time. we do sale raw cashew nuts which are right available in need contact us above.

Cashew nuts Africa, we sale, deliver and provide market for cashew nuts , we provide one of the best produces of Cashew nuts in Africa. we are based in Tanzania,Kenya and Rest of Africa.

shell breaking of cashew nuts is an art by itself and the best of the craft is hand-based.  The easiest of all is the use of a wooden implement on the shells after placement on a hammering stone base.  The other is a quasi-industrial hand-based method that slices the shells with curved knives that cut along the shells’ curves. Factory methods include centrifugal heaters that crack the hard skin and then lead the contents to a passage filled with air whereby the now light cracked skins fly off leaving the nutty kernels behind.